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RMAX Orange Board

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RMAX Orange Board® is manufactured from RMAX Isolite®, a closed cell EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) material. EPS is resilient, lightweight rigid cellular plastic designed specifically for external cladding with exceptional thermal insulation – it provides very good roof and wall insulation.

AS 1366.3-1992 sets out six classes: S,SL,S,M,H and VH. RMAX Orange Board® meets the requirements for Class M. RMAX Orange Board® EPS does not contain fluorocarbons: no CFC’s, no HFC’s or HFC’s.

RMAX Orange Board® has a remarkable strength to weight ratio. Composed of cells within spheres, RMAX Orange Board® is actually 98% air, making it extremely easy, light and safe to transport, handle, cut to shape and fit. It also bonds easily to most materials using suitable adhesives.

RMAX Orange Board® is odourless and non-irritant. Water absorption is low, yet RMAX Orange Board® breathes: no vapour dams.

RMAX Orange Board® standard panels in 75mm and 100mm thickness:

  • 2500mm x 1200mm
  • 5000mm x 1200mm

If you have a specific R rating in mind for insulation, you can achieve it by specifying a custom thickness for your RMAX Orange Board®.